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Vestavia Hills, AL


Filming in Kansas

Stasi Bara

How did Dorothy (from the Wizard of Oz) know  she wasn't in Kansas anymore?  The wind wasn't blowing!  

Unless you have been to Kansas that little joke may not lead you to do anything more than a, "huh".  BUT, if you have been to the plains of Kansas, you know the wind never stops blowing.  

Working with Jamie and Bruce from Red Barn Media Group, we produced videos promoting replacement parts for farming equipment.  Arriving a day early, we scouted the field.  It was a calm, warm day in June.  Our guide did mention what a nice day and the wind isn't blowing.  Since we had never been to Kansas before, we had no idea what was in store.  On shoot day, the wind blew from sunrise to sunset 20-30 MPH.  If you set something on the ground, dust would cover it.  When you watch the videos, notice the talents hair.  It is being blown back the entire time.  That's not the challenge, though.  What really concerned people was hearing the wind in the video.  Loud thumping wind noise will kill a video.  Luckily, the dead wombat (yes, that's what it is called) covering the mic blimp did an excellent job keeping the wind noise at bay.  BUT, check out Bruce holding the mic.  Yup, it's windy!

Cahaba Valley Health Care

Stasi Bara

Imaging not being able to chew food or even see it?  Cahaba Valley Health Care is making a LARGE impact in people's lives by providing no charge dental and eye care. 

Youth Leadership Vestavia Hills

Stasi Bara

Lately bullying has gotten the spot light and the press coverage because of unfortunate and tragic incidents.  In the high school of Vestavia Hills, two mom's for the past ten years have made a HUGE impact by founding a club called Youth Leadership Vestavia Hills,  The club has summer outings and also meets during the year to raise diversity awareness and help create one thought inside high schoolers heads:  We are all the same even when we are different.

Organic Harvest

Stasi Bara

Not all customers come in ready to ask questions.  Well placed videos allow customers to explore and learn more about your offerings. 

Jesse Lewis

Stasi Bara

A masterful dancer, Jesse likes to make a Christmas video every year.  It's really more of a demo video to send around.  Either way the man has heart. 

The Red Barn

Stasi Bara

I have a special place n my heart for people who chose to dedicate their lives to helping others.  This is what a director of a non-profit does.  Wake up in the morning wondering how to get more funding.  Well, there are many approaches and video fits into most.   

The director of The Red Barn, joy, is one of those special people who makes a difference.  Check out one of her latest videos.

Rob'e Mans Automotive Repair

Stasi Bara

If you want capture impulse buys in your store, you must let the customer know what you have to offer.  Rob'e Mans cleverly placed big TVs behind the attendants in their service centers.  The video has no sound so as not to be too disruptive, but moves just enough to keep grabbing the customers attention. 

The Nelson Team

Stasi Bara

Once again, quality service stands out.  Recording what other's say about your company and professionally organizing it with moving visuals will sell your services better than just about anything else.

Camp Winnataska

Stasi Bara

Camp Winnataska is one of the most special places on earth.  Not just because of it's beauty, although it is beautiful, but because of the people.  For 95 years Camp Winnataska has been serving chicken fingers on Sunday nights and a whole week of fun in the summers. 

We were asked to produce a marketing campaign to increase enrollment.  I'm happy to say after implementing the campaign that for the past two years camp has been sold out.  How did it work?  By strategically creating videos that engaged viewers based on when and where they are going to watch the videos and a more compelling webiste.  

The campaign included:

  • Twelve minute "At Home Party" video to invite your friends over to watch.  
  • Several 45 second break out videos giving a taste of the fun at camp.  
  • A one minute homepage video inviting you to learn more.
  • A 6-8 year old girls and boys video.
  • A 8-10 year old boys video to boost those demographics.
  • New user friendly website with an easy to up date interface for the staff. 

Below are the videos.  If you want to see how they are implemented, go to and discover for yourself how fun camp can be again.

Home Page Video

Main Feature Home Party Video

Short Break Out Video

Boy's Age 8-10

Girls and Boys Age 6-8

ICS - Product Launch

Stasi Bara

There is no price for experience when you need it.  Inner Circle Sessions is the way to make a business deal happen with the most confidence as possible.  But, if you do not know about it then it can't really help you.  Here's is a quick overview video.

ICS - Website Tour

Stasi Bara

Inner Circle Sessions is an online resource unlike any other for helping you learn how to do a business transaction.  With an enormous library of content, we put together a video to demonstrate what's in it and how to access it.